Zydeco Saturday's
San Diego @ Riley's


What is Zydeco Dancing? Go to www.ZydecoDancer.com

Event Details:

Zydeco Dance and Lessons every Tuesday in San Diego!
7:00 Beginning Zydeco Lesson,
7:30 Intermediate Zydeco, Cajun or Waltz Lsn
8:00-10:00 Zydeco Dance with the Hottest Zydeco & Cajun Tunes
10:00-12 Rileys Bar Entertainment

Videos clips show all night of Cajun and Zydeco festivals, pictures etc...

Drawing: Drawing at 9pm each week for a Zydeco CD's

Cost: First visit is free otherwise $5

Questions: 619-857-8409 or email me

Rileys Music Lounge - Quality Inn
2901 Nimitz Blvd
San Diego (Point Loma), CA 92106

Ph: 619-255-8635
Cell: 619-857-8409

Zydeco Mail Lists: For San Diego please email me and I will add you to the local email list.

Local Cajun/Zydeco Club Web Site - Bon Temps!

Dance Schedule - Cajun/Zydeco San Diego


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