Want to share this wonderful C/Z music with hosting a CD dance ? here are a few ideas...

1. Who's hosting it: you or it maybe easier with a partner to rotate hosting weekly nights.

2. Location: Find a place with sound system already in place if possible and a dance floor. If the place also has some type of video screen that's a plus ! Most bars are dead in the middle of the week and would love to have you providing a little entertainment to draw some folks in.

3. Music: Its not required but personally I like to create a couple 1 hour compilation CD's with a CD burner. The music is mostly great Zydeco which vary in tempo, a few tunes with a more Cajun style to them and a waltz every 6-7 songs. Some of the CD's are listed here, and E-mail me for other info on the best tested Zydeco out there..

4. Lessons: Teach a basic lesson and maybe a couple intermediate or advanced steps at the end. I teach 45 minutes of beginning Zydeco each week and 30 minute intermediate lesson. If your missing a good instructor, a local dance studio may have a teacher who would be willing to learn and teach the dance plus it can help to draw folk from the dance studios customers. I can help train him if it would help. Here are a list of some of the possible steps/moves I can cover..

5. Atmosphere: Ambiance is everything in making a dance event interesting to attend in addition to the great music & dance instrction. Use any and all video abilities the bar has if possible or buy your own projector and screen.

Now show any C/Z related video you can scounge up. You can also show home video or slides of festivals. Contact me for help in this area and maybe we can work something out as I have hours of festival footage.

6. Money: I would recommend asking for a $5 donation/person to help cover the expenses and your time to put it on. You can also have them take a ticket and do a drawing half way through the night for a free CD or maybe some GatorBuck's or something. The purchaseing of the CD's to give away each week helps get the money back into the hands of the artists.

7. Marketing: Many options for this
Word of mouth is good
Local entertainment papers
Web sites related to entertainment/dance events
Flyers at the bar
Flyers at local dances
Weekly Newsletter - check out the newsletter I make a copy of and give out..
Many times other types of dances will let you put your flyer at their event
Spend a few $$ to place an add or put flyers in a paper.

Hire Me for Support :) I have put in hundreads of hours in making music mixes, gathering dance video, learning and breaking down dance steps etc.... and I can save you the many hours in making your event the best it can be. Give me a call for more information. (619) 857-8409.

Zydeco DJ Email List - If your put on Zydeco DJ events and would like to keep in touch with others around the country just send me email and it will be good way to keep in touch with others around the country.

E-mail gbenusa @ pacbell.net
Ph: 619-857-8409

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