Top 6 Zydeco dance CD's...

1. Keith Frank - "Live at Slims Y-Ki-Ki"

2. Nathan & Cha Chas -"Zydeco Hog"

3. Keith Frank - "Whats his Name"

4. Step Rideau Zydeco Outlaws, "Stepin On" Need to buy at CD dance or order directly from the artist

5. Keith Frank - "The Masked Band"

6. Beau Jocque - "Get It!"

Purchasing CD's:

There are many places to purchase CD's and here are a few options....

1. Floyd's Records - Ville Platt Louisiana

2. Louisiana Music Factory in New Orleans

Supporting the artists: Most of these artists can not afford to do this for a living and they have another day job so the CD's myself or you purchase helps to give a little back to the folks who touch our life in a very special way :)

Recent CD Reviews:

Brian Jack & The Zydeco Gamblers, "Getting Down To Business" (4 out of 5 gators)

Put this CD on your "Buy" list if your a Zydeco dance lover. They put together some new great energy tunes that Brain has gained a reputation for.
At times Brian's tunes can be on the fast side but this CD finds a great balance of great Zydeco dance tempo's. Several of his tunes on this CD hit the Zydeco groove that I only experienced with the best tracks of Keith Frank's. The band sounds tighter than ever. ZydeCoach recommends at least tracks #2, #4, #9 and probably several others for CD dances.

They also put together a great cover and when you get the CD, check out the inside picture of Brian heading off to work with his "brief case". The only thing I would have liked is to have the words to the songs included with the CD. You can order the CD directly from Brian by clicking on the link above.

Sean Ardoin, "Home Brew" (3 out of 5 gators)

Sean does another good job of bringing us the new Zydeco sound and sharing thier talent. Nice heavy base along with what sounds almost like a Step Rideau steel drum sound. He has a nice mix of tunes and tempo's with a Cha Cha on track one and a great blues song, "Home Brew", on track 4. Fumba Laka Chumba on track 5 is a catchy tune. If you DJ you may want to speed up a few of the tracks for the dancers.

Step Rideau, "Step 2 U" (3.5 out of 5 gators)

Put Step Rideau's latest CD, Step 2 U on your Zydeco Dancers Buy list. The CD has some great songs with his unique accordion rifts. There are many CD's that I buy and end up not playing at the Zydeco CD dances I host but there are several tracks on this CD that will make it into the regular mix.

Keith Frank, Zydeco Icon (4 out of 5 gators)

Put this CD on your BUY list if your a Zydeco fan. Keith did a good job with many of these new tunes.

Here are some of the favorite tracks...

5th track, "Mardi Gras", this tune has a great Mardi Gras feel to it !
7th track, "Petite Au La Grosse", love the rhythm and energy.
8th track, "Part Time Lover", this is my favorite track, he took the old song and "Zydeco'd" it... Keith has a habit of doing old cover songs and putting them to Zydeco rhythms and this was a great tune to do with a Zydeco sound.
10th track, "Jambalaya", this song has been done by many bands and it was good to hear Keith's version of it :)
13th track, "Acadian Soul Two-Step", great tune with wonderful rifts of melody.

The only complaint is the loudness and vocals could have been recorded a little better to stand out but all-in-all Keith & the band did a great job as usual.


Jeremy and the Zydeco Hot Boyz. (4 out of 5 gators)

The Jeremy is young, and he is good ! Put this CD on your Buy list if your a Zydeco lover. He is still in his teens but managed to put together some very good Zydeco tracks to share with us.

His vocals are still in training but thats ok because he is able to put together and keep the energy of the music going very well.

Enjoyed his lyrics including "If ya can't Zydeco do what ya know".. this tune is a nice invitation to newcomers to the music that don't know the dance yet, they can still join in the fun.

Leroy Thomas's, Somebody's Lookin' For Ya (4 out of 5 gators)

Many times I have experienced performers who were awesome live but when I listened to their CD it didn't capture some of that same energy. Leroy's latest CD Somebody's Lookin' For Ya wasn't recorded live at an event but does a great job capturing his great energy of Zydeco rhythms. There are several tracks from this CD that will make it into the Zydeco CD dance mix's.

Of Leroy's other CD's, "Greatest Hits" and "Monkey and the Baboon", I like this CD the best so far. My only complaint is the price of $20 is a little high... I know playing & traveling for a living isn't easy but I don't pay $20 for Motzart, Elvis, Keith Frank or anyone else so this is pushing it...

If you like Leroy's rhythms and have some of his other CD's or event if you don't have any of his CD's, I would put this on your "buy" list.

Review Comments:
For the most part the only CD's you will see on this list are those that are recommended to buy. There are Many CD's released that I have heard that I would still buy because I am commited to supporting as many artists as possible or sometimes I enjoy a Zydeco CD to listen to more than I do to dance to it. The CD's listed above are more recommended for "dance Zydeco"

At times I have also missed a tune or two that originally I didn't think was good but later on got totally addicted to it so just because a CD isn't listed above does not mean it does no have some great energy !!

- Greg



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