How to Zydeco Dance

Beginning Zydeco Lesson

Video Clips below... Zydeco Examples:

Louisiana Zydeco Live
Check out

Louisiana Zydeco Live
Thanks to Harold Guillory and the great dancers, we have a clip from his TV show at the following link.  If you notice the side to side motion with no rock step, that's the Louisiana / Houston style that we will break down and review this week at Tio Leo's.

Harold Guillory and his partner from his Louisiana Zydeco Live TV show... check out this link...

Bayou Dancer - Very Cool Zydeco Styles...
David Jordahl and his partner look Very cool dancing Zydeco in this clip. You would swear they were from Lafayette... nope... Minnesota !! Check him his great web site at

YouTube Video Clip Playlist#1

YouTube Video Clip Playlist#2

YouTube Video Clip Playlist#2

Dance Instruction DVD's

Check out Greg Benusa's Dance instruction DVD's from the following link. There is a Workshop 1, 2 & 3 depending on if your just starting out or have been dancing a while and your looking to learn a few new moves.

What is Zydeco?

Here is a link to details on what Zydeco is.
From a dancers perspective, it's basically a Jitterbug or 6 count swing pattern, incorporated into a 8 beat pattern. Just visit to see an eample of this...

Documentary Videos

ocumentary Videos: - you maybe able to get these from a local library as well..

1. "I Went to the Dance" - history of the toe-tapping, foot-stomping usic of French Southwest Louisiana

"Zydeco Nite 'N' day" - This video takes us deep into the South into the world of zydeco music. Features performances and interviews with zydeco legends such as Buckwheat Zydeco, Terrence Simien & the Mallet Playboys and many more.

"Cajun Country, don't drop the potato" - A colorful patchwork pieced together from the songs of all its many regions and ethnic groups. This delightful video shows how this infectious music actually grew.


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